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Photos: Greek Week comes to a close with Field Day Games

Field day is something many college students haven’t thought about since middle school, but many student organizations continue to host them on college campuses. On March 25, Fraternity and Sorority Life held a field day to close out their Greek Week celebration. Six teams were formed by all active Greek letter organizations on campus. Each team battled head to head ...

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Fraternity Has “The Sex Talk” That Every Student Needs to Hear

On Wednesday night, Jan 26, the Sigma Iota Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity hosts a panel discussion called Let’s Have the Sex Talk, which touched on various topics involving sexuality, gender identification and mental and sexual health About 30 students attended the event and participated in the discussion, sharing their own experiences about how they came into their ...

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VSU Greek Life stays strong in light of FSU suspension

On Monday, Florida State University suspended all Greek Life activities on-campus until an unspecified date. While it may seem to only affect students there, VSU students involved in Greek Life are feeling the ramifications of the action. “This is really sad because I feel like all the fraternities and sororities shouldn’t be held accountable for one person or one frat ...

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Editorial: Greek life isn’t to blame

This past Friday, Andrew Coffey a pledge of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at Florida State University was found dead at an off-campus Greek event. Unrelated to the death, a member of Phi Delta Theta Garrett John Marcy, was arrested and charged Monday with the sale and trafficking of cocaine. As a result, FSU President John Thrasher placed an indefinite suspension ...

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