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‘Heartstopper’ Review: a must add to your watch list

“Heartstopper,” Netflix’s newest LGBTQ+ show, dropped on April 22 and is a show that everyone should watch for more than its wholesome content. The show was originally a 2016 webtoon comic by Alice Oseman, which follows British teens Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson on their unlikely friendship as they navigate high school, teenage love and self-discovery. “Heartstopper” had a 5-year ...

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Column: Universities should be the safe space that diversity needs

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills are being proposed through legislation that could cause harm towards the community, and if they are passed, universities should be a safe space and include diversity. Nearly 240 bills were proposed in legislation that restricts the rights of the transgender community and the LGBTQ+ community. One law that has been passed in Florida, known as the “Don’t Say ...

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Women’s and Gender studies celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month

On Oct. 26th in front of Odum Library, the Women’s and Gender Studies department celebrated LGBTQ+ history month with the “Taste of History” event. Charity Lumpkin, an administrative assistant, and two others stood in front of the library passing out small cards with LGBTQ+ facts on them and candy attached to the back. Facts included the definition of some LGBTQ+ ...

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