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Card readers needed

 Anyone who has visited a room in Hopper, Georgia, or Reade Hall will notice how they differ from the other conventional halls on campus. Although they are obviously much easier on the eyes, the prices are harder on the pockets. With that being said, the most significant attribute these halls possess that others do not, are the card access locks ...

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Dorm policy irksome

 According to the housing changes for next school term, the upperclassman-dominated Georgia Hall at VSU will be reserved for underclassman, and with that change, Hopper will now only house upperclassmen.  In all honesty, this is ironic to me.  When you think about the situation, it seems as though Hopper and Georgia are switching places as far as living requirements are ...

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Work quality matters most

 We have all either heard about it or read it on our syllabus. Most of us were introduced to it on the first day of classes. I speak of the attendance policy that is incorporated into VSU’s curriculum.  According to the policy, students who miss 20 percent of class for that semester will receive an automatic ‘F’. In other words, ...

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The Shadow Writer

According to The Chronicle Review, Ed Dante is the alias of a writer who makes a living by writing papers for an essay company and has witnessed the extreme extent of student cheating that goes unnoticed by even the most attentive professionals. Dante has written papers for a variety of students. These papers range from simple lesson plans, to essays ...

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Professors house in housing

 Imagine yourself walking down to the showers in your residence hall in the early hours of the morning. As you turn the corner to enter the bathroom, you notice that the 1010 biology professor sweeps past you with drenched hair and a scent of Irish Spring lingering behind them.   That same afternoon, you notice your calculus professor sitting at Palms ...

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