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Card readers needed

 Anyone who has visited a room in Hopper, Georgia, or Reade Hall will notice how they differ from the other conventional halls on campus. Although they are obviously much easier on the eyes, the prices are harder on the pockets. With that being said, the most significant attribute these halls possess that others do not, are the card access locks required to enter the rooms.

  In order to enter, one must simply slide their Onecard and punch in the number code required by the machine. I believe it would greatly benefit the students if every dorm on campus had a card access lock instead of an ancient keyhole.

 I am actually confused as to why every hall was not built with the card access locks installed. I can understand the structural differences in the halls, but a card access device would have not been too hard to place on every door. It would become much easier to gain access to your room and your card is always just a pocket away.

 Another good reason why cards are much more convenient than keys is because of the price of loss. If any student loses the key to his or her room, they will be required to pay $50 in order to receive a replacement key. On top of that, if another student acquires possession of your lost key, they now have access to your room, putting all of your valuables at risk of theft. Now, if you lose your Onecard, you will only have to pay $15 to replace it. Your missing card is deactivated so no one can access it again; therefore, by switching from key to card, you save $35 and your belongings.

    For those of who are still not convinced that a card access lock is better, let’s say that someone does obtain your card. Even if they manage to swipe it in an attempt to enter your room, they will still be required to type in the number code. Without both of these requirements, getting into another student’s room is out of the question.

  So you see, having a card access lock sets up more security for your room than that of a key. It is easier on the pockets, quicker in time, and more safe in general. You honestly cannot ask for a smarter and more simple way to enter your room.

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