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Daily Strange: The Key to Good Grades? Happiness

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief  Study, cram, sleep and repeat. Four words all too familiar to college students. These four words often make college students cringe. Cringe at the fact of trying to earn quality grades or to just simply stay afloat in college. The old saying “Cs get degrees,” comes to mind about the latter. But, what if the ...

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Daily Strange: A Cat Video A Day Keeps the Negative Away

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief   Most of us are guilty of doing it. You are scrolling through Youtube, watching random videos and in the suggested videos is a cat video. A cute and cuddly feline doing something even more cute and cuddly that someone just had to record. So, you click on it and watch. Or, you are the ...

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Daily Strange: Solar panels the new concrete?

Written by John Preer, Editor-in-Chief  Could Solar panels replace concrete pavement? Scott and Julie Brusaw seem to believe so.  The couple’s company, Solar Roadways, is based in Idaho has spent nearly a decade developing and testing their solar powered road panels.  Although, these panels could potentially serve multiple purposes, there are still many critics that doubt the panel’s ability to ...

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