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Daily Strange: The Key to Good Grades? Happiness

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief 

Study, cram, sleep and repeat.

Four words all too familiar to college students. These four words often make college students cringe. Cringe at the fact of trying to earn quality grades or to just simply stay afloat in college. The old saying “Cs get degrees,” comes to mind about the latter.

But, what if the key phrase to earning and maintaining good grades was missing among the four words? What if earning good grades was a simple fix?

It is. According to theconversation.com, the key to higher grades is simple; happiness.

That’s right. Happy thoughts and positive vibes lead to students earning higher grades.

How can something as simple as thinking positive lead to better grades?

Research Schools International, a branch of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, decided to do what it does best; research.

Research Schools International partnered with students and staff at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School and The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning to study if there is a correlation between positive thoughts and vibes and higher grades. The results found a correlation between the two. The survey collected data from students in kindergarten through high school, and found that students who had positive thoughts had higher grades. Students also reported feelings such as fun and excitement, which related to the growth of their grades.

Upon discovering the relation of happiness to higher grades, the researchers also discovered that the key to happiness was positive relationships. The results showed that students who experience positive relationships with teachers and other students greatly impacted their grades.

In short, students with positive relationships tend to be happier and in turn, tend to earn higher grades. Who knew?

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