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Have you ever heard of the new Degree Works?

Kristin Shannon
Staff Writer

Starting this semester, VSU has created a new program called Degree Works.
As my editor briefly explained to me the purpose of Degree Works, I felt uneasy about the program. I have known several students to have trouble following the track of their major with the help of their advisor. It seemed as though the impersonal tracking of your degree from your computer could only cause more issues. Many students have had problems in the past following their appropriate degree track while utilizing the help of an advisor. One would think that tracking your degree using a software program would only cause more problems.
Shortly after receiving my assignment, I began asking several students how they felt about the new program. Unfortunately, my questions were met by many blank and/or confused stares.
“I’ve never heard of this program,” said Ashia Walker, a graduate student studying education in school counseling.
I had to figure out the purpose of Degree Works on my own. For once, being left to my own vices was beneficial.
Degree Works is not a replacement for your advisor, which I had previously assumed. This program is meant to let you know where you are in relation to graduating. There are even several areas that allow you to calculate your desired GPA by plugging in your current GPA, credits completed, credits required, and GPA desired.
The program also allows you to see what specific classes you need to complete for your major. However, I think the program needs a little work. When reviewing my own graduating status, I came upon a couple of questionable class completions or lack thereof.
Fortunately, any questions you have with the program can be discussed and corrected by your advisor. This program is also great for those who need to know alternative classes to sign up for during registration that may not have been discussed during advisement.
“I like this program,” said Shenie Johnson, junior political science major. “It’s very handy. You can see how close you are to being done with your major or even what you would have to do if you changed your major. Pretty awesome.”
With my May graduation date slowly approaching, I am comforted by the fact that I can check to make sure that there is no delay in graduating. Because there is nothing worse than graduating, only to find out there was a class you didn’t complete or failed.

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