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Costumes gone slutty?

Dress Like a Slut Day?

Is it Halloween? Or National Dress like a ‘Hoochie-Momma Day?’ When did Halloween stray from trick-or-treating-witches and haunted houses- and turn into a holiday for girls to dress in skanky costumes, and it’s perfectly acceptable? Halloween is no longer a night of pumpkins, gremlins and ghosts; it is an expensive night of drunken sexy dress-up.

This time of year college students are flooding the Halloween stores looking for the perfect costume. The Halloween industry takes normal costumes, slaps the word naughty or sexy in front of the name, cuts back on the fabric, charges a ridiculous amount of money for it, then VOILA! You have a popular Halloween costume that is guaranteed to make the guys drool and leave you freezing your butt off by the end of the night.

Even Disney/Nickelodeon Characters and everyday occupations are turned into lustful uniforms, like sexy Sponge Bob, (what is sexy about Sponge Bob?), or the naughty plumber, or the promiscuous janitor (since when are plumbers and janitors lusted after?)

These tiny Halloween costumes are also outrageously expensive. Stores charge between $40 to $80 for these little get-ups that will be worn only for one inebriated night of the year. Halloween now exists as an opportunity to dress in a promiscuous way that would not be accepted on any other day of the year. It is a night where even the sweetest, most innocent girls can dress like strippers and get away with it.

Halloween stores have managed to turn some of the most normal costumes into whorish outfits. Halloween stores are stocked full of characters and costume ideas that in no way have sex appeal in real life, but on Halloween, they could possibly be the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.

Everyday costume ideas are considered racy and seductive on Halloween: Sponge Bob, a ladybug, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse and even sweet little Cinderella. Eve (yes, Adam’s wife, and the first woman God created is now a sexy little costume). There are taxi driver costumes (have you ever met a sexy taxi driver?). Costumes for leprechauns, bumblebees and nurses (most nurses I’ve seen wear baggy scrubs with cartoon characters on them, and they have white Crocks on their feet, not stilettos or knee-high, shiny, vinyl boots). There are army/military women costumes (most Army bases do not allow the female soldiers to cut their fatigues into tight mini-skirts).

Cowgirls (the real ones don’t wear short, blue-jean skirts and a flannel shirt tied at their chest; the real ones usually wear wranglers, smell like manure and have a wad of Skoal or Copenhagen tucked in their lip). However, on Halloween, reality is thrown out the window and it’s your chance to turn whatever costume you wish into a skimpy, sought-after and seductive ensemble.

Halloween is next weekend; what are you going to be?

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