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Rants and Raves: October 21, 2009


Advising can be useful:

“I love advising and my advisor. I like it because my advisor is very thorough and makes sure I understand all my options. He gives me several options and also suggests things he thinks I would like personally.”

Megan Harris- Sophomore English/ Journalism Major

“I like advising because in my field they bring the papers to our Major classes and help us one on one pick the right classes. It helps me make a perfect schedule every year.”

Nichelle LeCarrington- Sophomore Engineering Major

“I like advising because it is very helpful and my advisor explains everything to me.”

Shambria Horne- Sophomore Biology Major


Advising is a waste of time:

“I don’t like advising because my advisor doesn’t even know my name, and she does not help me


Kenneth Ford- Sophomore Marketing Major

I don’t really know much about advising. You just go in a room and they tell you what to take. I guess it is helpful.”

Michael Pate- Freshman Undecided Major

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