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People Poll: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Andrea Hill – Political science, Sophomore

“Snickers, because I have expensive taste.”

Sierra Ruth –
Mass Media, Sophomore

“Reese’s pieces! You can’t just have one.”

Samira Brooks – History, Junior

“White chocolate Reese’s.  I like to eat the edges first, because the peanut butter is the best part.”

Tyrell Tugwell – Communications, Senior

“Swedish Fish, because I like the way they taste.”
Stevie Berhannan – Journalism, Freshman

“I like Twix because of the caramel center.”
Laura Hickman – Pre- nursing, Sophomore

“Skittles; they really make me feel great.”
Padaric  McClusky – Biology, Sophomore

“Sour Patch kids, because they’re superly duper delicious!”

Meghan Hutton – Pre Law, Junior

“Mike & Ikes; I don’t really like chocolate.”

Leland Lively – Education, Freshman

“Reese’s because they’re the best of both worlds: peanut butter and chocolate.”

Chantz Martin – English, Senior

“Snickers; they’re a filling snack.”

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