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Christmas in November

 The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year; that is fully agreed. However, it seems that America has began decorating and planning for Christmas earlier and earlier, sometimes starting as early as the end of October. There have been Christmas decorations in almost every single store I have set foot in and Christmas music blaring over the speakers. Planning what presents to get what person this early is one thing, but selling decorations this early is almost insane.
 Decorating this early takes away from the celebration when it’s actually time for the holidays, because people tend to get burned-out after hearing Christmas music for two months in a row. There are still pumpkins in people’s yards, for goodness’ sake; Starbucks should not have already broken out the Christmas cups.
 Maybe instead of having holiday decorations and paraphernalia to buy right now, stores should have signs saying when the seasonal decorations will be available. That would be a much better idea, and people could still plan to get their decorations from that place when the store puts them out, say around Nov. 29, and everyone would be happy.
 The stores could also put off playing Christmas music at least until the end of November, because people get sick to their stomachs when it is actually time for Christmas and “Silent Night” comes on the radio, which is so sad. People are not supposed to be joyful when radio stations stop playing Christmas music; the songs are supposed to bring the joy.
 Something is backwards. America needs to let the holidays come to us, instead of grabbing and pulling them two months ahead of time.
 Patience is a virtue, my friends.

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