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Fergie comes out, Jay-Z settles down

Hollywood hasn’t been too busy this week with making headlines, but I did scrape up some juicy news of baby planning and suicidal attempts.
 The big, bad Hulk Hogan has admitted to having suicidal thoughts recently. Between his drama-infested divorce early this year and his son being arrested for killing his friend in a car accident, Hogan just snapped.�
 Hogan told E!’s “Daily 10” that he was on his way to doing something about his depression one day when he pulled out a gun, but then he received a phone call from his “American Gladiator” co-host Laila Ali. Ali told him that she was really worried about him and wanted to let him know that he is truly loved by so many. Little did she know, Ali was saving Hogan’s life.  I guess the guy is somewhat of a softie.
 Guess who wants babies? Rapper Jay-Z admitted in an interview with Gotham magazine editor that he and wifey Beyoncé have finally taken the leap to start (ahem) making babies. After being married since April 2008, it seems like a good time for the 28-year-old pop singer to settle down with her man.
 Last week I broke the news of Josh Duhamel cheating on his wife, Black Eyed Peas member Fergie. After the whole scandal, Josh has been constantly denying accusations of him ever cheating. Although Fergie won’t directly speak about the accusation, she did recently come out in an interview admitting her feelings on cheating and the sanctity of marriage, and basically said that she expects Josh to stay faithful.�
 Fergie did however say that she understands the attraction to another woman, because of her own bisexual feelings, but she refuses to ever act on them.  Yes, I said bisexual feelings. Fergie was completely open to expose her fetish for women, but is 100% in love with her man. She also said that she has an honest relationship with Josh and that they’re smarter than any couple who would be accused of infidelity.
 Apparently, Fergie just doesn’t care that her husband has cheated on her or is just so naïve that she refuses to believe it.  Wake up Fergie!
 See you next time Blazers for more drama-filled stories from our trusty drama-makers of that place we call Hollywood.

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