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Welcome to SPECRacing

And a good good afternoon to you, and welcome to SPECRacing, the VSU Spectator’s blog about the world of motorsport, written by the Spectator’s motorsport guru, Joe Adgie. Here, you’ll see information, and my opinions on everything that I find interesting in the world of motorsport. One day, you might see a topic about pack racing at Talladega, while on another day, you might find an update about the ineptitude committed by the United States Auto Club during their days of sanctioning the Indianapolis 500 and the IndyCar National Championship Trail, and how that ineptitude led to the formation of CART.

Half of you might not know what I’m talking about, but that’s fine. You’ll hopefully find out through SPECRacing. Now, while the Spectator is not in session during the summer, this blog will still be updated, as the world of motorsport reaches its peak during the summer.

After all, we’ve got the best of racing coming up from the time the semester ends to the time we all return to VSU in August. The weekend after finals, for starters, is one of the most exciting races of the season, the spring Talladega 500, while the month ends with three very exciting and legendary races: The Monaco Grand Prix around the streets of Monte Carlo, the legendary “Grand Prix Around the Houses”; The Coca-Cola World 600 at Charlotte, NASCAR’s longest race; and of course, my favorite race of the year, the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race.

June will be highlighted by the great 24 Hours of Le Mans, and SPECRacing will likely feature my likely futile attempt at staying awake for the entire event. More often than not, I fail, oftentimes hilariously. Friends of mine will attest to this.

In July, the big race is at Daytona, the Firecracker 400, and before long, we’ll be back at VSU ready for another great semester, and a great wind-down to a fantastic racing season.

One thing I hope to do here is to show the readers that there is more to racing than NASCAR. There is more to racing than “the guys that make left-hand turns all the time”. I hope to show you motorsport clips from around the world. One day, you might find an insane Rally on-board clip, where you see a driver avoiding a tree by mere inches while his co-driver screams in utter fear. Or maybe a driver flying around the California Speedway at over 240 mph, or maybe even an onboard clip featuring the legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna.

Either way, SPECRacing is not your typical blog written by a college student. It’s a blog about motorsport written by a man who has lived and loved the sport his entire life, and has a thing or two to share about it. I truly do hope you enjoy.

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