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No-Confidence vote is only option for Faculty Senate

by Kenzie Kesselring

After a year of complaints coming from the Faculty Senate at Valdosta State, the group has a tough decision to make in the coming month.

The Faculty Senate has to decide if they want to come together and conduct a vote of no confidence on President McKinney and the rest of the administration at VSU, or if they want to keep struggling to work out the reoccurring issues they have with the administration.

A vote of no confidence is when a group comes together to make a statement saying they no longer feel as if their superiors are doing their job correctly and efficiently. Even though there are usually no immediate consequences of a vote of no confidence, it tells the alumni and other financial supporters of VSU that they believe the university is at risk due to the administration’s actions.

This would be the first step of changing the leaders at VSU, meaning there would be adjustments in the future for the university as a whole.

After sitting in on the Faculty Senate meetings and hearing the issues the members have with the administration, it sounds as if their best option would be to proceed with the vote. However, this would be a serious statement to make, so it is something that should be approached with caution.

Judging by the amount of issues the Faculty Senate has with the administration and the magnitude of these issues, it seems like a vote of no confidence is the only option the Faculty Senate has to get its voice heard by the university and its supporters.

If the group conducts this vote, the Faculty Senate will have its voice heard and make a difference in the university, or the opinions will be down played. Either way, our faculty will have stood up for what they believe is right and that is a great example to set for the students truly care about.



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