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New app allows people to rate others habits

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer

The idea of rating people has caused a buzz in the media recently, with the establishment of the Peeple app.

Peeple will allow people to “rate and comment about the people you interact with in your daily lives,” according to Julia Cordray, CEO of Peeple. Corday is accompanied by co-founder Nicole McCullough.

“People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions. Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life,” said Cordray.

What had started as an innocent gesture of trying to get people to rate the positive experiences that they have had with one another, has in turn had the opposite effect.

“I hereby give Nicole McCullough and Julia Cordray 0 stars each,” a Twitter user said.

Peeple allows it’s users to rate people based on their personal, professional, and dating habits.

“Peeple will enhance your online reputation for access to better quality networks, top job opportunities, and promote more informed decision making about people,” Cordray and McCullough said on their website.

The media is in a frenzy about this app because people don’t have control over if they want to be rated or not, and bullying seems like it was not on the list of primary concern.

Cordray has even made an appearance on Dr. Phil. She denies that she, as well as her investors, had any idea that this app would be an outlet for bullying, claiming that because you can’t be anonymous then you’re less likely to post lies or negativity. The app will require users to be over 21, have a Facebook account, and use their real name.

“We were super humbled by (the response), and we appreciate the opportunity to make an even better app. That was very welcome feedback,” Cordray said. “We never meant to scare anybody, we never meant for anyone to feel like we could cause them harm. Peeple is for ‘positive people.’”

Cordray confirmed the $7.6 million valuation reported in the Washington Post and added that “big investors” and “big funds” have approached her and McCullough. The app is set to release in November of 2015.

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