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Fans get a decent buzz


Written by Kevin Paul, Asst. Entertainment Editor Thundercat’s clarity presented itself in in his newest release, “DRUNK.” “DRUNK” has 23 tracks, featuring contributions from R&B icons Flying Lotus and Kenny Loggins. Hip-hop artists Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa also offer their talents. The album plunges into the perspective of both sobriety and intoxication. The album’s first quarter opens in a ...

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Amazon throws in its attempt to get into the streaming world


Written by Tiana Foster, Staff Writer ITunes, Pandora and SoundCloud allow people to listen to their favorite music from a high-quality streaming app. Whether at home, work or on the go, these apps allow the user to find music that matches their current mood. Amazon has now entered the market by introducing their new on-demand music streaming service. Amazon is ...

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Nintendo tries new venture with “Miitomo”

Photo Credit: Nintendo

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Nintendo’s first smart phone game app, “Miitomo,” has been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the past few weeks. You can link Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to it if you do not have a Nintendo account. The free to use app allows customize your own “Mii” character in the Nintendo universe. The ...

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Chariot: the new all female Uber

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Julie Jernigan, Staff Writer Ladies, your Chariot awaits. Earlier this week, a female-only Uber, appropriately named “Chariot,” debuted in Boston. The founder and former Uber driver Michael Pelletz first found inspiration for his service in the film “Pretty Woman.” According to the Washington Post, Pelletz said, “I saw something in this movie. I was made to take care ...

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AMC its theater texting ban…then changes its mind


Written by Miles Brown, Staff Writer Last Friday, AMC scrapped plans to allow theater patrons to text during movies. The AMC Ceo decided on this based on the negative response the policy received from critics and moviegoers. The policy was first introduced as a way to attract millennials. However, many moviegoers decided against this measure, one man Jeremy Conrad said ...

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ZipCar give students option for driving

Photo Courtesy of ZipCar

Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer ZipCar is a revolutionary car rental service that appeals to young adults with its low age requirement, low prices and hourly rental capabilities. Recently, ZipCar has been implemented on a few campuses across the United States. ZipCar allows students ages 21 years and older with ok driving history and a valid driver’s license to ...

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‘Hush’ thrills even horror vets

(Photo Courtesy of The Verge)

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor After receiving critical success with his surprisingly-enjoyable mainstream attempt with “Oculus” (2014), director Mike Flanagan returns with “Hush.” Last month, it premiered to a packed house at the SXSW Film Festival but as of April 8, the film can be found on Netflix. “Hush” follows Maddie (Kate Siegel), a young women who went deaf ...

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College student saves money by creating own dental wear

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Meaghan Bitters, Asst. Advertising Editor Who needs a dentist when you can fix your teeth from home? A digital design major from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Amos Dudley, may have found a way to cut his dentist bill in half by successfully designing and creating his own orthodontic aligners using a 3D printer. According to Dudley’s ...

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New sound grenade device might make college students safer on campus

Photo Courtesy of ROBOCOPP

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor One quick pull will set this grenade a ringin’. An Oakland-based startup company recently released a new portable safety device that is quickly gaining popularity on college campuses nationwide. The ROBOCOPP sound grenade weighs less than an ounce, and when the black pin is pulled the device emits an ear-piercing sound that is as ...

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Ten years ago, top singles were both annoying and addicting

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer We take a look back at the music that topped the Billboard Music Charts 10 years ago this week. Bad Day – Daniel Powter “Bad Day” was initially recorded in 2002 but due to finding a label situation was put it on hold. “Bad Day” was a pop single featured on Daniel Powter’s debut ...

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Pain tolerance higher in men

A couple enjoys a warm summer day at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo in 2011. (Albert Siegel/McClatchy DC/TNS)

Written by Erin Martin, Staff Writer Considering childbirth, menstrual cramps, and the occasional and tragic broken nails, you would reason that women must have a high pain tolerance, right? Well, with developing technology and science, studies have revealed that women actually don’t handle pain as well as men do. Science is ever changing and almost always on top of things ...

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