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Apple may go into the electric car business

The Apple CarPlay app automatically brings up a portion of the apps on an iPhone when it is connected to the 2016 Honda Accord's dashboard during a test in Hayward, Calif., on Oct. 23, 2015. (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group/TNS)

WrittEn by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer

In recent decades, Apple has been very important to the American tech industry and a leader when it comes to the U.S. economy.

Apple has led many companies in terms of research and development. The company has even innovated the whole cell phone industry. Apple’s ground breaking apps are top-notched and—with the recent popularity of Emoji—has made it one of America’s go-to brands.

Starting with the iPod, Apple began to dominate markets and became the number-one consumer brand in most foreign countries like Japan. Apple took it to the next level when America got behind with cell phone technology too. The iPhone hit and kicked off a brand new race of smart devices. It was flashy and faster.

Although it is not confirmed if Apple truly is seeking to launch an electric car, the Apple Car, a post from CNN said that they have hired five high-tech PhD and engineering employees from a Massachusetts company, A123, which makes electric car batteries.

They have reportedly even hired on people from Tesla, who has innovated a car that drives itself. Apple also hired a long-time auto industry exec from Fiat Chrysler and a lead research and development head from Mercedes-Benz. They have been on it with the recruited efforts. Apple has also hired people from Ford, GM, and other smaller companies such as Ogin, Autoliv, Concept Systems and General Dynamics.

It seems as though the Apple Car could be more than just a myth. They even have a secret headquarters located in the Bay Area. The cover up is a market research firm called SixtyEight Research, who has city permits for the construction of an “auto work area,” and “repair garage.” In May of this year Apple even bought secure facilities in the Bay Area. Maybe to test the potential car?

Many people are ready to buy into this concept, as Apple is known to break barriers in terms of technology. Some investors believe the switch from being just an electronics company to a car and vehicle tycoon will open more people up to having electric cars, making them more consumer-friendly.

If the rumors are indeed true, Apple may become the ultimate brand once they dabble in the motor vehicle industry and trend-set it like they did the iPad.

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