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Academic Support Center opens new tutoring service

Valdosta State University’s Academic Support Center announced recently that, starting in the fall semester, they will provide free, around the clock, online tutoring for current students. While the ASC offers peer tutoring on campus for many subjects, they cannot meet all of the 24/7 needs of VSU students, which is why they have decided to hire an outside company to ...

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‘Studio 18’ showcases senior art majors

Valdosta State University is showcasing 14 graduating seniors work in “Studio 18.” Studio 18 is open April 15-30, featuring drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry metalworking work from the seniors. Cayla Burroughs, Daisy Daniel, Aubree Denton, Zachary Di Zillo, Logan Dotson, Kyndol Ennis, Colin Entz, Marlene Gray, Evan Gunn, Nikki Haggard, Maria Jaime, Selena Mondragon, ...

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Review: ‘A Quiet Place’ a silent killer in the box office

“A Quiet Place,” the latest thriller/horror film directed and written by “The Office” star John Krasinski, tells a suspenseful story of a family that avoids deadly monsters by staying silent and communicating via American Sign Language. The movie is set in 2020 in a post-apocalyptic world.  The family has been able to survive in their town for over a year ...

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Get to know the African Student Association

When Shayla Vidal, a senior criminal justice and political science major, re-joined the African Student Association her junior year, she said it was the best decision she had ever made. “The African Student Association has been the main organization that I’m always actively involved with forever,” Vidal said. “I love it, I really do.” Now the president of ASA, Vidal ...

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Students enjoy tye-dyeing on Palms Quad

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted tye-dyeing for students on Palms Quad on March 21. All tye-dye materials were set up at tables on the quad, where students were invited to make their own colored creations.  

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Editorial: Student input on commencement a must

Though graduation still seems a long way off for those of us who will be walking across the stage, our last day at VSU is right around the corner and approaching fast. VSU has already made an announcement about commencement that has flown under the radar: the commencement speaker. If you go to the commencement webpage you’ll see, down at ...

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Editorial: Respecting women is the least you can do

Underrepresentation. Unpaid maternity leave. Gender pay gap. Breastfeeding shaming. Catcalling. Domestic violence. Slut shaming. Restrictive reproductive rights. Sexual abuse. Rape. Need we say more? These among countless others are challenges women face every day across the world, and it is why celebrating Women’s History Month is so important, especially for addressing underrepresentation. Because women’s history was unknown in classrooms and ...

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Planetarium shows ‘Larry, Cat in Space,” teaches kids about the moon

The planetarium show on February 23rd, 2018, played an animated short story for kids around Valdosta named “Larry, Cat in Space.” “Larry, Cat in Space” was a short, funny children’s animation made to help teach children about the moon. None-other-than Larry the Cat himself narrated his exciting story. Larry told the audience about how he ended up on the moon, or “meoown,” as he ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!