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‘Studio 18’ showcases senior art majors

Valdosta State University is showcasing 14 graduating seniors work in “Studio 18.”

Studio 18 is open April 15-30, featuring drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry metalworking work from the seniors. Cayla Burroughs, Daisy Daniel, Aubree Denton, Zachary Di Zillo, Logan Dotson, Kyndol Ennis, Colin Entz, Marlene Gray, Evan Gunn, Nikki Haggard, Maria Jaime, Selena Mondragon, Spencer Robinson, and Mary Vanlandingham are all showcasing their work at “Studio 18.”

Senior art major Colin Entz wanted to present work that would make people happy and feels VSU really helped him make that happen. “(I) mostly want to make stuff that makes people happy, cheerful kind of stuff,” Entz said. “VSU definitely presented me with a lot of things that I probably would not have taken otherwise, but knowing myself, I knew the kind of things I wanted to do from the get-go so I could zoom in on that.”

All of the artists had different reasons for what inspired them and their art. Marlene Gray, a senior art major says her faith is her main inspiration.

“All of my pieces are based on my faith because that’s where I get most of my inspiration and motivation from,” Gray said. “I do have a series that is entitled ‘No Smoking’ that deals with depression and deals with the hard times that we face, I face, in life. In the midst of my faith, everything is not always bright and cheerful, there is also downfalls and things we face in life that are hard”

Senior art major, Spencer Robinson said his art is inspired by his culture.

“A lot of my pieces were inspired by the culture I grew up in,” Robinson said. “I grew up in a culture of street arts and narratives from movies that address political and racial social issues. A lot of my art is centered around black culture I grew up in. VSU helped me to professionally showcase my work and set up different things like composition, cutaway, perspective, and even the history of art to understand what my art is, where it can go, and who I am as an artist.”

The studio is located in in the Fine Arts Building, on the intersection of Oak Street and Brookwood Drive. It’s open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays.

Photo and story by Kaitlyn Baich.

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