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Voices of the Students

In response to the incident at UA: Is VSU greek life segregated?

River Page freshman exercise physiology major “I would definitely like to see a lot more diversity in fraternities and sororities because right now they’re mostly traditional, black and white”   Candyce Peters junior pre-nursing major “I do feel like we’re segregated by tradition because I was so surprised when I saw a white girl in a black sorority”     ...

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What do you think about the new Apple iPhones?

Ryan Thomas Exercise Physiology Major “I really don’t know much about it, I’m more interested in the Samsung Galaxy 5.”   Emily Fejedelen Exercise Physiology Major “I think the finger print option is cool!”   Lisa Dowden Nursing Major “I know it is different colors and thats cute!

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People Poll: What are you doing for Fall Break?

“I’m going to visit my family.” Tanetra Strickland sophomore pre-nursing major “I’m just going home.” Amber Ash senior communication science and disorder major “I’m working all fall break.” Jenna Ives freshman accounting major “I’ll probably exercise and recuperate from school, just Relax!” Antonio Boykins senior sociology major “I’ll be driving home.” Christian  Phares freshman biology major

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How do you feel about the current political climate?

“Rivalries in political parties are stopping progress.” Joshua Rhudy sophomore physics major   “I do not feel for politics.” Kristin Hall freshman music major   “Politics are a good thing if you keep up with them, but i have not kept up with them lately.” Megan Weigle-Eany freshman early childhood education major   “I understand politics, but i definitely do ...

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People Poll: What did you do with your family for Parent’s Weekend?

“My parents didn’t come down over the weekend.” Jameeka Montgomery freshman biology major   “I went home and me and my parents watched The Hunger Games.”  Rachel West freshman mass media major  “I showed my parents the sights of Valdosta.” Angelica Simpkins freshman biology major “I went home and me and my parents went to the movies to see house ...

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People Poll: Should there be more lighting on campus?

“I think they should put more lights in Oak Street. There are only a few there and they are all burned out.” Ashley White senior criminal justice major “It’s not that much light by the strip behind the education building.” Destiny Aighobahi junior biology major “I haven’t felt unsafe yet.” Joe Pyles junior nursing major “I feel like the area ...

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What restaurant would you like to see on campus?

“Another Starbucks; closer to the Fine Arts building.” Alan Sifventes sophomore art major   “An oriental restaurant.” Bilal Bush junior engineering major “California Pizza.” Bill Hoover senior computer science major “Baja Fresh.” Giovanni Luna senior computer science major “A sushi bar.” Stephanie Clark sophomore undecided

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PeoplePoll: What is your biggest pet peeve?

“When I hold the door for a lady and she doesn’t say ‘thank you’.” Alex Bell senior speech pathology major “People always being late.” Ashton Odoe junior accounting major “I don’t like people who waste class time. I pay my money to be here just like you do.” Santiago Rodriguez sophomore undecided major “People who talk about things that they ...

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PeoplePoll: How have the prices of textbooks affected how you purchased them this semester?

“I purchased them on Amazon.com I got them so much cheaper.” Ashley Watkins sophomore art major “I buy them online where-ever I can get them cheapest. Some places will let you rent them for free, but definitely not the bookstore unless it’s absolutely needed.” Dario Samtillan sophomore undecided major “A lot, because textbooks are rather expensive, so when you go and purchase ...

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People Poll: Name your favorite moment at the 2012 Olympic Games in London?

“When runner Erick Barrondo won the the silver medal for Guatemala.” Cesar Menjibar junior computer science  major “The final medal count during the closing ceremonies.” Brian Shanken senior physics major “When Usain Bolt of Jamaica did his signature move.” Anupam Gupta sophomore biology major “When Serena Williams celebrated by doing the crip walk, after her win in London.” Sheba Lee ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

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