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Voices of the Students

People Poll: Do you believe it is important to attend your college graduation?

“I think it is. It’s kind of like a motivation for other students who aren’t graduating.” Jasmine Horn senior chemistry major “Yes. Why not let everyone see your accomplishments?” Ashlin Allen senior chemistry major “To walk, yes. It’s just your way of showing you’ve done it to the world.” Hannah Aldrich senior sociology major “I guess it depends. It’s important, ...

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PeoplePoll: What qualities are you looking for in an SGA presidential candidate?

“Willingness to stand up for the student body, and willing to make make changes.” Kimberly Wright junior marketing major “Somebody who can portray what the majority of students want, and their issues, and represent students fully.” Sami Ullah junior computer science major “Gets students involved with functions that are happening around campus.” Jay Winn senior sign language interpreting major “One ...

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PeoplePoll: Do you think the Slut Walk will be a good way to prevent sexual harassment?

“People are going to judge you for what you show them. So if you wear provocative clothes you’re basically saying you’re lower-class.” Sosa Thompson sophomore nursing major “That’s what’s up!” Cate Campodonico freshman biology major “I think it’s important to be aware of your surroundings no matter what you’re wearing.” Kelly Bunn freshman biology major “I don’t really care for ...

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People Poll: Are you looking forward to seeing ‘The Hunger Games’?

“I’m actually interested in seeing the movie after seeing how excited my younger sister was about it.” Skylar Gordon freshman psychology major “I’m excited to see what I’ve read become a movie!” McKenzie Drain freshman biology major “After seeing the previews, the movie actually looks adventurous. I can’t wait to see it.” Rastarja Heard freshman criminal justice major “I haven’t ...

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People Poll: What are your spring break plans?

“S & D in Panama City Beach.” Kellen Stark junior exercise physiology major “I’m going to Miami and then I’m going on a cruise.” Chris Reid senior office administration and technology major “We will go to New York.” Mitsuki Yamashita & Asami Kadokura Foreign Exchange Students “I am going to Panama City Beach with my friends.” Marquasha Law junior business ...

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People Poll: What actor or actress deserves to win an Academy Award?

“Angela Bassett. I think she is a phenomenal actress.” Adonis Mundy sophomore international business major “Rachel McAdams. She’s young, she’s uprising. She’s been in many movies lately. Her roles are very differentiating.” Christine Brower junior exercise physiology major “Robert Downey Jr. He can play any kind of eccentric role and he plays it well. He’s overcome a lot of obstacles ...

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PeoplePoll: How important is voting in the primary to you?

“Voting in the primary election is extremely important because whoever wins the outcome of the vote has the power to impact my life and my future.” Reuben Brooks junior exercise physiology major “I don’t feel like there should be a switch in the presidencies, I say that I vote for Obama still so that he could finish what he started. ...

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PeoplePoll: How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

“It sucks when you don’t have anybody to spend it with.” Tyler Goodman freshman business major “I think it’s a nice holiday to spend with the people you love.” Kassie Harper sophomore marketing major “I like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a day you’re supposed to show your affection to loved ones.” Biancco Gardner freshman computer engineering major “I think ...

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PeoplePoll: How do you celebrate Black History Month?

“In the past my private school would do different commemorative events to MLK, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou.” Sebastiana Laremat freshman mass media/bursiness major “Looking up black inventors and reflecting and realizing how fortunate we are that our lives are easier because of these inventions.” Gregory Smith freshman office administration and technology major “I celebrate Black History Month by talking to ...

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PeoplePoll: Who is your ideal candidate for the upcoming election?

“Doesn’t make a difference-they’re just a pretty face anyways.” Heidi Duthoy MS psychology major “Unless Ron Paul gets the Republican vote, I’m still voting for Obama.” Yannick Gill junior Spanish major “ Ron Paul 2012!” Clark Franzman sophomore theater major “I would like to see President Obama re-elected.”Brittany Vereen senior sociology major “ I support Obama because I still believe ...

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