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‘Chappie’ challenges beliefs

by Stuart Price Starring Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel and Sharlto Copley, Chappie hit the theaters world-wide on March 6. The story takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, where—in the near— future, crime has started to be monitored by a robotic police crew. Patel, who you may know from the award-winning “Slumdog Millionaire,” plays the creator of these police robots. One ...

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Police brutality becomes nationwide epidemic

by Alex Corbitt In one of the most recent cases of police brutality a man known as “Africa” was shot five times and killed after being hit with a taser beforehand. The cops claim that he was reaching for one of their guns because the taser did not work, but Africa was an unarmed, homeless and disabled man who should ...

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Football springs into new season

by Chris Webb With winter looking to be well behind us Valdosta State football is wrapping up their 2015 spring practices with Thursday’s Spring Game at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium. Scheduled for an 8 p.m. kickoff the annual inner-squad scrimmage between the offense and defense provides fans and students their first opportunity of the year to come out and get an idea ...

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Editorial: Align VSU’s Spring Break with other universities

Any break from the daily grind of classes and homework is always something to be appreciated, and students often mark Spring Break week on their calendars long before the new semester even begins. As we slowly limp into the weekend, classes are taking less precedence in students’ mind, replaced with the desires for warm beaches, refreshing mountains or the simple ...

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President’s Scholarship Gala supports first-generation students

by Kristin Whitman VSU President William McKinney and his wife Dr. Dacia Charlesworth understand the struggles first-generation college students face, and they are working to help these students succeed. The President’s Scholarship Gala, taking place March 20 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Ballrooms, will feature an evening of dining and dancing to raise money for a new scholarship ...

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Student shot at party

by Lia Armistead The Valdosta Police Department responded to an alert one March 15 at 1:15 a.m. off Baytree Drive near the Gates apartments after gunshots were fired in a large crowed of people. According to Adam Floyd of the Valdosta Daily Times, police are now looking for the person who supposedly started shooting in the crowd of people. The ...

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McKinney to address faculty over complaints

by John Stephen VSU’s highest officials will attend today’s faculty senate meeting to discuss a report detailing the senate members’ numerous problems with VSU’s administration and current condition. “The last couple of weeks have brought to light a number of issues at VSU we cannot ignore, distracting us from our success stories, and holding us back at a time when ...

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Horoscopes: Daily Forecast 3/16/15

Today’s Birthday (03/16/15). Fulfill bold ambitions this year. No playing small! You can do great things with a great team. You’re especially strong after the Vernal Equinox eclipses (3/20). Plan and coordinate your collaboration over springtime before a busy summer. Navigate a financial turning point after autumn eclipses (10/13 & 10/27) with help from a partner. Together, you can make ...

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10 ways to show you love America

1. Respect the government—whether you do or do not agree with the president, respect him and respect those working for our country. 2. Work—it is up to each person to work and provide financial stability for him/herself and the country. 3. Care—helping others succeed will help our country succeed. 4. Accept—the U.S. is a crockpot, not a separated serving tray. ...

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