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All My Sons Review

By Raechal Etheridge Missing sons, lovers that shouldn’t be, war-time scandal, and mother who can’t let go. Drama is around every curtain. The play opens in the Keller’s backyard. A stunning, well crafted house with a large back porch, screen door, benches and a newly planted tree are the perfect backdrop for this family’s home. It’s a Sunday morning and ...

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‘Zombieland’ tops the box office on opening weekend

Rachel Wayne Copy Editor vrwayne@valdosta.edu  Valdosta got a red carpet event for the opening of the zombie comedy movie “Zombieland,” which opened last Friday to the No. 1 spot and enjoyed a $24.7 million opening weekend. Thursday night, hundreds of people showed up at Valdosta Stadium Cinemas for festivities leading up to the midnight showing. As the movie was partly ...

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SHC offering flu vaccine now

Lisa Thurmond Staff Writer elthurmond@valdosta.edu  The Student Health Center now has the seasonal flu vaccine available to all students for $10. Students must call Farber to make a five minute appointment to receive the flu vaccination. Students may pay for the flu vaccine with cash, check or their Flex account.  According to the American Lung Association, “every year, an estimated ...

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SGA nominates judicial board

Ariel Felton Staff Writer arfelton@valdosta.edu  In the most recent meeting of the SGA, held this Monday at 8 p.m., the senators elected justices, nominated senators for empty seats and also attempted to review the newest suggested changes to the constitution, causing the meeting to run over two hours.  The first order of business was the judicial board nominees: Morgan Roberts, ...

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Comedy show a hit: Room reaches capacity during Wednesday night’s comedy show at the U.C.

Nina Wright Staff Writer nwright@valdosta.edu  CAB entertained VSU students with a comedy show on last night in the University Center.  Students of all classifications packed in the room, forcing the show to start late. Students were turned away at the door because the room reached capacity.  The crowd started to become anxious from the wait, but once the show started ...

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Clothesline project increases domestic violence awareness

Jasmine Hicks Staff Writer jshicks@valdosta.edu  In light of rising domestic violence in the Valdosta community, the Women and Gender studies program has made great attempts to increase awareness among the students.  Both assistant directors and activists for the WGST program agree that many types of domestic violence occur every day around our community and campus.  Now along with others they ...

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Faculty recieves new grants

Candice McGriff Staff Writer clmcgriff@valdosta.edu  President Patrick J. Schloss acknowledged that despite a $15 million budget reduction, VSU’s faculty and staff continues to provide opportunities, in such that VSU received $2,607,292 in new grants and contracts during the 2008-2009 academic year.�  In recognizing Ernest Duncan, one of VSU’s chefs in his 40 years of service, in a letter, Dr. Schloss ...

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People Poll: How much drinking is too much?

Jake Jones Sophomore Poli. Sci. major “My friend, who doesn’t drink takes my keys away from me when I’ve had enough.” Chelsey Griffin Senior Biology major “Me personally, I know when I’ve had enough when I start doing cartwheels and hand stands.” Aftab Fazal Freshman chemistry major “When my friends start getting rowdy and out of control, then it’s time ...

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Safety tips for the tipsy

Lacey Bearden Staff writer lbearden@valdosta.edu Safety never takes a vacation, not even when you set out for a crazy night of partying.  Many students have found themselves in dangerous and scary situations after some tipsy late-night fun.    The night may start out with just a few beers, but it could possibly end with trouble, such as a DUI, an MIP, a ...

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Survival of the luckiest

Wake Up Call by Kenny Bush  Darwin believed that natural selection was based on a species ability to survive and reproduce. I have a simpler theory:  Luck.  A few weeks ago, I was standing at the intersection of Patterson and Georgia Avenue waiting for the pedestrian crossing signal to appear so I could safely complete my escape from campus. On the ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!