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Comedy show a hit: Room reaches capacity during Wednesday night’s comedy show at the U.C.

Nina Wright
Staff Writer

 CAB entertained VSU students with a comedy show on last night in the University Center.  Students of all classifications packed in the room, forcing the show to start late. Students were turned away at the door because the room reached capacity.
 The crowd started to become anxious from the wait, but once the show started the laughter soon followed. Red Bone, the host of the show, performed first. He was on stage dancing to old school jams like “Nobody Baby” and “Candy Rain.” He also made an attempt to drop it like it was hot and land in a split, he had the crowd rolling with laughter.  He also announced who won the free shirts that they were raffling off while making the crowd laugh.
 The second comedian to hit the stage was Damon Williams from Chicago. He made jokes about Lil’ Wayne being on every single song and how he was eventually going to be on gospel songs. The audience really showed him love. Bianca Mallory, a sophomore at VSU, said that Williams had her laughing so hard that she almost peed on herself when he said that the “swine flu was called H1N1 to symbolize that it occurs in Hispanics and Negros.”
 The last comedian was a woman from Los Angeles, who goes by the name Coco. She spoke to the women in the crowd about how men were no good.
 The comedy show was an event that will be talked about for weeks. There is already a buzz about next year’s show.

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