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Comic Corner: Dark Days come for us all eventually . . . right?

What would it take for you to snap? Would you lose it over the loss of someone important? What about losing your job or being bullied? Everyone is capable of snapping from a bad day. Right now, DC Comics is trying to show readers that in their most recent event, Metal. “All it takes is one bad day to reduce ...

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Comic Corner: Is Family truly Fourever?

The Fantastic Four is one of the first superhero families in comic’s history, if not the first. They were at first an answer to DC’s Justice League, but soon after their inception they developed their own personality. As the team tackled villains, scientific discovery, and their own personal demons, they showed people what family was about. As time went on ...

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A bird’s eye viewpoint of American diversity

Back in 2014, Sam Wilson the Falcon inherited the role of Captain America from Steve Rogers. In this, Wilson became a shining star to the rise of diversity in America. That being said, Wilson also came to represent the plight of diversity in said country. Wilson first began his superhero career as a sidekick to Steve Rogers. Later, he became ...

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Comic Corner: America shows it’s true colors

A year ago, Captain America Steve Rogers was revealed to be Hydra, an underground terrorist organization that broke off from the Nazis. Since then he has been pulling strings to bring Hydra to the forefront in order to take over the world. It wasn’t until this past summer, in Secret Empire #0, that Captain America revealed to his fellow heroes ...

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