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A bird’s eye viewpoint of American diversity

Back in 2014, Sam Wilson the Falcon inherited the role of Captain America from Steve Rogers. In this, Wilson became a shining star to the rise of diversity in America. That being said, Wilson also came to represent the plight of diversity in said country.

Wilson first began his superhero career as a sidekick to Steve Rogers. Later, he became an Avenger in order to make the team more racially integrated. Since then, Wilson has proved himself as a hero by saving the country and the world numerous times. As Wilson took the mantle of Captain America, he decided to take a more socially active approach. He detaches himself from the government which led to major criticism, being dubbed “Captain Socialism.” Of course, this was a huge step for diversity but did the rest of the U.S. want to see that? No.

Right now, the United States is at a point where diversity wants to stick, but the rest of the country wants to stay stuck in the old ways. Wilson had to deal with that very concept when becoming Captain America but still held his head up high even when he was being drug through the mud of the country’s high expectations. Diversity goes through this every day. The concept of it and the people behind it are hated on. They are told they should stop, but they ignore it and continue on. It’s easier to keep going when people you don’t know fight against you, but when your best friend turns out to be a white supremacist, you start to think a little differently.

“They don’t want us,” Wilson said. “And the truth of it is, they maybe never did.”

Around the time when Steve Rogers revealed to the world he was Hydra’s supreme leader, Wilson gave up being Captain America. He traveled around the country to find himself. In Captain America: Sam Wilson #22, Wilson saw something he could not let go: other people of diverse backgrounds being attacked by white supremacy. In the fashion of his Captain America: Steve Rogers series, author Nick Spencer issues another call to arms except this time, it’s telling readers that we’re all different, but we need to stick together. Wilson, of course, is reluctant to help, but he realizes if he doesn’t help, then who will. He realizes the fight is not over and begins to don the Captain America identity once again.

“I know some of you might want to give up hope, but this is our moment,” Wilson said “Our chance to turn things around.”

In Secret Empire #8, Wilson gives hope back to the resistance in that they can get their country back and live freely once again. There’s even a point where Wilson dies fighting against the oppression but returns to fight through a sliver of hope: the cosmic cube fragment. A cosmic cube is an object that can rewrite reality and in essence is a symbol of hope. Spencer uses Wilson as a symbol of diversity’s effort. It may get shot down many times, but there’s always hope out there that keeps the dream alive. Much like diversity, Wilson holds the torch to a better way for the world. Though the barriers against diversity are sturdy, nothing can stop people from coming together to fight against oppression.

“I know we’ve been divided,” Wilson said. “Torn apart. Broken—for so damn long—but now it’s time to assemble.”

Written by Bryce Ethridge, News Editor. 

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