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Comic Corner: America shows it’s true colors

A year ago, Captain America Steve Rogers was revealed to be Hydra, an underground terrorist organization that broke off from the Nazis. Since then he has been pulling strings to bring Hydra to the forefront in order to take over the world. It wasn’t until this past summer, in Secret Empire #0, that Captain America revealed to his fellow heroes his Hydra allegiance and showed the ugliness in America.

In the past, Captain America has always been a hero that represents what America is supposed to stand for. He radiated hope, never gave up, and preached freedom for everyone. America was built upon those principles, especially that of freedom, but that is not what it became. Author Nick Spencer took the opportunity to use Captain America as a metaphor for the U.S. in its current state.

Captain America effectively becomes President Donald Trump of the Marvel universe. He even allows for the building of a force field around Earth in Captain America: Steve Rogers #9, showing how real Trump’s potential wall could be. Under Hydra’s rule, fictional America became a prison for citizens with superpowers by placing them in internment camps. If they tried to use their powers, they would be killed. Captain America became a man who betrayed his friends and loved ones to “make America great again.”

The series of Secret Empire shows readers how the victors of war write history in favor of themselves. Hydra erases the true history in favor of information that glorifies them. In parallel, the real America has done the same thing throughout history, ignoring the plight of Native Americans and African Americans. The population falls for it and even embrace it without question. In the series they say “hail Hydra” and keep their day going even if Hydra is committing injustices towards others. This is real America on a daily basis.

Nick Spencer wanted to show people how bad our world could become if people refuse to stand up for what’s right. If no one supports what America should be should, then who will? The recent neo-Nazi demonstration in Charlottesville, Va. already showed the world how real Hydra could be. How many more injustices will it take for us to realize that Spencer is showing us that the fight for what’s right starts today on VSU’s campus? Let’s get started.

Check back next week for more truth in comics.

Written by Bryce Ethridge, News Editor. 

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