25 March

Column: Blazers heavy reliance on Justice

Year in and year out, the Blazers are one of the supreme squads in Division II hoops. The fine basketball acumen of Head Coach Mike Helfer coupled with a typically elite roster should be the ultimate mix for a national title. It’s not. On March 16, the Blazers lost 95-87 to West Alabama in the […]

14 March

Column: Running your business in Georgia

Georgia is a state that has many big brand name company’s headquarters from Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A and so many more. However, now more than ever, Georgia is a state where you want to start your business. According to an email offering a course being offered in the May semester, called Emerging Enterprise Creation, the state of […]

05 February

Amazon: Is it worth it?

Amazon has almost anything you could want to purchase, and they’re here to make sure you do. If you’re alive in 2019, you’ve heard of Amazon, and what’s more, you’ve probably used at least one of their services. As of June 2018, there were 95 million users of Amazon Prime (a service the site provides […]

31 January

Techno-Frat: Automation in the modern world and beyond

Forget Uber Eats. Students at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia, have been offered a more innovative and exciting alternative to their meal deliveries: robots. That’s right, students can now call upon a fleet of twenty-five cooler-sized wheeled robots to deliver their on-campus foods or midnight snacks. The robots in question can tote up […]

09 November

Column: Is West Georgia’s success flawed?

Entering Week 11, five undefeated teams make up the top spots in the NCAA DII AFAC Coaches Poll. Two of those juggernauts are from the Gulf South Conference with the West Georgia Wolves at #3 and the Valdosta State Blazers two spots down at #5. On Saturday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m., the top two […]

29 October

Column: Who will be the next great NBA star?

LeBron James, the best player to ever grace the hardwood, is heading into the final stretch of his career as he suits up for his 15th season. It’s time that we try to find who will be the next greatest player in the league after he departs from the game. These future prospects have the […]

05 October

What’s Your Take: Superteams too superior?

The trend of superteams is running rampant in the National Basketball Association. Teams across the league are seeking that star free agent to pair up with their current star or looking for trades to bring another star to the team. Many fans say that this is ruining the league and causing the competitiveness to deteriorate […]

02 September

What’s Your Take: Blazers best in the state?

Despite getting burned at the end of their 2016 campaign, the preseason accolades keep coming in for VSU Football. In December, VSU fell in the first-round of the Division II playoffs against UNC at Pembroke. Even with having home field advantage and five interceptions by the Black Swarm, the Blazers couldn’t find their footing on […]