27 February

People Poll: Laptops usage in the classroom

The use of laptops and other devices in classrooms is becoming more relevant as time progresses. The adaptation to hybrid courses and overall advancement of technology has made the lives of students easier, but is it really helping their overall performance? Is it distracting or not as effective as normal note taking? Does typing or […]

20 February

People Poll: What is Greek Life to You?

Gabriel Soriano, a junior Psychology major “Greek Life is a means of finding new friends through a similar set of interests in college. I have not personally joined one, as I see no personal merit in Greek Life, as my goals don’t align with the kind of prospects set in their groups.”   Kate Jackson, […]

11 February

Review: Kingdom Hearts 3 lives up to the legacy

Over a decade ago, Kingdom Hearts 3 was released. After watching gameplays, reading multiple articles and reviews and playing it a little myself, Kingdom Hearts 3 may have lived up to its legacy. For anyone who has no idea what Kingdom Hearts is, it is a series that was created by Tetsuya Nomura in 2002, […]