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Food you can afford at The Georgia Dog

Spectator Tasters
By Michael Wilson and Ashley George

This week we didn’t travel far from the Spectator office. Actually, we didn’t even get off campus. We headed over to the corner of Brookwood Drive and Patterson Street right by the University Center. There we found a little hot dog stand called The Georgia Dog.
 As far as atmosphere goes there really wasn’t any to speak of, being that it was a hot dog stand and all, but the place was very clean, and didn’t have any flies around it. It’s  very convenient if you want to grab something on your way to class. It’s not so fun standing in the sun waiting for the food to cook, but you can drive up in your car and order. Plus, the owner, Joe Robison, makes the wait entertaining by joking with you the whole time.
 Service, as we said, was great. The owner was very friendly and tried to do anything he could for you. He would even wipe off the cans of soda after he pulled them out of the cooler. He was also quick to apologize about anything he thought you might not be pleased with.
 Our favorite thing about this place was definitely the price. Prices ranged from $1.50 for a hot dog to $3 for a chili cheeseburger. Cokes and chips were $1.
 Ashley got the cheeseburger and shared a cup of boiled peanuts with Michael. The burger was good and tasted just like what her dad would make on the grill. The boiled peanuts were nice and hot with just the right amount of salt added to them. Her only complaint was that there was no mayonnaise, but the owner said he had just forgotten it that day. It was only $5.50 for a cheeseburger, Diet Coke and boiled peanuts.
 Michael tried the good old chili dog and added a Coke to complete the meal and wash down the decidedly delicious main course. The hot dog was perfectly cooked to his taste, not too dark and still juicy, while the chili and opinion toppings made it a flavorful and smelly treat. And there is nothing better to chase a bite of chili and hotdog than Ole Faithful, a classic Coke. Michael didn’t really care for the boiled peanuts. They weren’t soft enough for him. To top it all off the meal only cost $3 and a little extra time out of your day to relax in the park and sit on the closest seats to The Georgia Dog.
 All in all, we were impressed by the price and mostly impressed with the food. We are giving The Georgia Dog four out of five stars.

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