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VSU Theatre and Dance Performs SHIFT

From Feb. 29 to Mar. 2, VSU’s Theatre and Dance program is performing SHIFT, a dance concert which features a collection of performances across different genres and mediums. The show features guest artist Keshia Wall’s choreography, a film by Dr. Melissa Pihos, and four selections from the musical “Moulin Rouge,” among other things.

SHIFT is the 2024 spring performance hosted by the dance program, described as having the goal to “provoke, inspire, liberate, and leave audiences in awe” with their content, as described in the playbill. 

The show discusses a variety of themes; abstract concepts such as dreams and the self, concrete ideas such as artificial intelligence and aging, and even pop culture references, such as their homage to the tv show “Peaky Blinders.”

The show has a wide variety of dances, each performed by the incredibly talented dance students. Guest choreographer Keshia Wall opens the show with “Yankadi Makru,” a combination of both Yankadi and Makru dances, which originated in Conakry, Guinea. 

“Vessel,” a contemporary piece, is a reflection of the self and the body. The dancers use movement and even clothing as a means of reflecting the theme. They portray the emotions that the piece is meant to describe flawlessly.

“By Order of the Peaky Blinders” is one of the two pop culture reference dances, with the dancers dancing to the song “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The use of color and stage blocking is used beautifully, and creates a contrast that well describes the tension of the fight.

“It’s been busy, but we’ve been putting in a lot of work and dedication into these rehearsals to get us where we’re at right now,” Tara Cooper, a junior dance major, said.

“Dreamscape” is another abstract piece, which plays heavily into the dreamy aesthetics of the music chosen, and the piece evokes a whimsical attitude that takes a dark turn for the better as it progresses. 

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun,” Deja Holden, a sophomore pre-law and dance major, said. “My favorite part is the comradery and having people lift you up and lifting up other people.”

The final number, “Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love,” is an homage to the wildly popular musical, “Moulin Rouge.” The dance students are joined on stage by VSU’s theatre students, with four selections of music from the musical, and are all sung and danced by both groups.

“I love the people I work with, and the faculty are phenomenal at making us feel included and providing an all-around great experience,” Mason Ebert, a senior musical theatre major, said. 

“I’ve learned a lot of things about entrances and exits with this show, where everybody needs to be, where everything needs to be,” Mia Washington, a junior musical theatre major, said. “Dance concerts are definitely different from our usual musicals or plays, but it is definitely an enjoyable experience.”

Overall, the work that the Theatre and Dance program has put into this show shines through in a way that makes this performance as spectacular as it is thought-provoking. The show is truly a delight in every meaning of the word.

Written by Bailey Wilson, Campus Life Editor. Photo Courtesy of Bailey Wilson.

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