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Fugi’s fails to impress

This week we headed to a place you might often pass on a Saturday shopping spree: Fuji’s buffet right in the mall.

Fuji’s had a very generic look as far as Chinese buffets go. You have the dark wood, plastic-looking chairs, the random gaudy decorations and those menus with the Chinese zodiac on them. The place was clean though, which is always something to worry about when going to buffets.

The service was okay. The waitress was polite, but we had to stand there a bit deciding if we were supposed to be seated or seat ourselves. After that the waitress was pretty attentive. It was really convenient to just be able to go to Fuji’s and then walk around the mall if you needed to do some shopping.

Ashley had great variety in her meal: lo mien, chicken dishes, and bread, and then she went back for dessert. The buffet had a large selection, from lo mien to cheese sticks and garlic bread. The lo mien was good, as was the sesame chicken. The cheese stick Ashley picked up had no cheese in it, but other than that the food was good. The desserts were disappointing; most of the dishes had dried out from sitting too long. The donuts were delicious though.

Molly chose a few of her favorite Chinese foods: crab ragoon, sesame chicken, imitation crab and pepper steak. The food was good, but not anything spectacular as far as Chinese food goes. Buffets are typically worth the money; it is just good policy to go with an appetite.

Both meals were about $7 without a drink.

Fuji’s was very generic as far as Chinese buffets go and is not the best in Valdosta, but it was clean and the food was edible. We might go again if we were just walking around the mall and felt like Chinese. The tasters are giving Fuji’s three and a half out of five.

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