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Passion wanted, no experience necessary

It was brought to my attention a few days ago that I have been fairly disrespectful to the VSU athletic department in recent weeks. In fact, a member of the cross-country team approached me to explain his unrest to me while I was walking by Hopper Hall. It was a chance encounter but the conversation was not wasted.
 To start I would like to thank my informant for bring to light the mood and feelings of several people in the department. It doesn’t change the facts or the reality of the lack of athletic  success at VSU, but I guess that dead horse has been overworked, for now.
 The offense he claimed came from few weeks ago, when I openly commented on the   seeming lack of success overall for the fall season teams.  He might have a point, but that  wasn’t what I really gathered from our encountered. No, what really struck me was his passionate   response. While it may have been several weeks overdue, it was surprisingly refreshing.
 He wasn’t upset because I pointed out that teams were losing, he was upset because he puts a lot of time into his sport and he knows the effort his peers pour out to compete in their respective sports. I agree with him and his emotion is exactly what the Blazer fans what to see more of.
 As it turns out for many of the student athletes, playing their sport is still fun for them, a novel idea, and those players still put their hearts into the game. The passion is most definitely present, which begs the question, “Why has that been?” The only other time fans have been privileged with a fiery display from the  athletic department was on David Dean’s radio show early this  season, and that was also directed at the media.
 So maybe the passion is just being misdirected, but at least we have a pulse. The disgruntled athlete had one more thing to say before he left me standing there in surprise he said, “we are all on the same team.”
 In a way he is absolutely right, I am very proud to be a Blazer and I have a small hunch that I’m not the only one either. I guess that pride is why I do what I do, but to be sure it is the very reason why losing at VSU   doesn’t sit well with me.
 This is supposed to be         Titletown and Winnersville, so the bar is pretty high up there. That is the standard and I won’t compromise it because I am a Blazer. So thank you, sir, for showing a little of that burning Blazer pride. This school could use a lot more of it, especially right now.

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