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Soccer Has New Coach, Same High Expectations

Written by: Kristin Whitman

VSU’s women’s soccer team warms up to new head coach, Rebecca Nolin, with extremely high hopes for the upcoming season.

Nolin played soccer at the collegiate and professional level and spent four years as an assistant coach at Kennesaw State. With her level of experience, it was time to take the next step and become the leader.

Nolin knew that she did not want to make a lateral move and continue as an assistant coach.

“I knew a head coach position was the next step in my career,” Nolin said. “I was waiting for the right head coaching position to open up and I knew how successful and competitive the school was as a D2 program.”

The team began working with Nolin on Aug. 14, and continues to learn more from her that will optimistically lead to their success for the 2014 season.

Olivia Mills, senior goal keeper, has quickly become comfortable with Nolin and her coaching philosophy.

“She has made this transition very smoothly,” Mills said. “She has been a great coach so far and we are all incredibly thankful to have her as the new coach. We’re excited to start this new season with her.”

With nine freshman girls and multiple returning players, Nolin, along with the team, enthusiastically practices for the upcoming season, looking for a conference win and more.

Having a new coach brings new plays, which is what Nolin is doing for the team according to Mills.

“I think the way she has us playing is going to bring us fresh ideas and new movement,” said Mills. “She is very encouraging and outgoing, and that will positively affect us.”

Going from assistant coach to head coach has not fazed Nolin; she is tremendously thrilled to work with the girls who she says are, “extremely driven and motived.”

“Getting to train every day with these girls is rewarding in itself,” Nolin said.

The challenges that the head coach face has not wiped the smile off of Nolin’s face she gladly takes responsibility for the team and plans on leading them to a successful year full of wins.

“Decision making and responsibility are the two biggest challenges,” Nolin said. However, she is looking forward to hopefully making it into the conference and national tournaments.

According to Sydney Smith, senior forward, Coach Nolin’s several years of experience has paid off.

“She is really soccer smart, Smith said. “She has a lot of different combinations, and good ways to play our formation that I think will bring us a lot of success.”

With 12 seniors players this season Nolin wants to make it an extraordinary one.

“We have a big group of seniors this year so we want to send them off with as best a finish to the season as possible.” Nolin said. “Ideally we are looking for a conference win, going to the national tournament, and going as far as we can go for the seniors.”

Nolin continues to have high hopes for the team and all she can do to make them the best they can be.

“They are like sponges they absorb all the information.” Nolin said. “The most rewarding thing for this season will be working with these girls and win, win, win.”

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