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Dear Freshmen

Dear Freshmen

Welcome to your first year of college! This will be one of the most painfully beautiful phases of your life. I don’t mean painful as in literally but figuratively. It is time to grow up and with growing up comes growing pains. You are now your own adult. You have to be responsible for your actions, your health and your overall wellbeing! Your parents won’t be around to make you do homework or make sure you have something to eat for dinner. They won’t be around to make you go to class or force you to study! Everything falls on you now and that’s a good thing. As far as your college experience goes, your best bet is to get involved. Find organizations on campus that peak your interest and join them! Don’t be afraid to socialize and make friends! If you need a place to study or just need some peace and quiet, go to the library! Odum is your best friend, but get there early if you want a study room. Be respectful to your roommates and always be considerate. The biggest mistake you can make is getting caught up in the fast life of college and forgetting to take care of yourself. College can be fun, but it also has a lot of distractions. Remember why you came here: to get a degree! Don’t lose sight of your main goal. Always keep a positive attitude this year, and you can overcome anything. Good luck!




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