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Migos preparing to release new album

Written by Kevin Paul, Staff Writer

The Atlanta-based group Migos are finally preparing to release their long awaited sophomore album, “Culture,” Friday.

After steadily increasing the album’s buzz with hit singles such as “Cast Calling,” “T-Shirt,” and Billboard-topping “Bad and Boujee.” Migos’ fans are excitingly waiting for the release of “Culture.” If this album follows suit, providing record-shattering singles such as “Versace,” and “Hannah Montana,” from Migos’ 2013 album “Y.R.N.,” Migos could potentially see “Culture,” beat the peak position of 74 held by “Y.R.N.”

Between the organic melodies from “Quavo,” rapid-fire tempo from “Takeoff,” and the rugged cadence of “Offset,” Migos’ versatility is balanced by lean features on “Culture.”

Current fan favorite Lil Uzi Vert was revealed to be on “Bad and Boujee,” but unheard tracks, such as “Culture,” “Deadz,” and “Kelly Price,” feature acts from DJ Khaled, 2Chainz and Travis Scott respectively. Recently at the Golden Globes, Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, credited Migos during his acceptance speech, praising them as “The Beatles,” of our generation and labelling “Bad and Boujee,” the best song ever.

When asked about the meaning of the album, Migos explained that “Culture,” represents what they contributed to the culture of hip-hop and how their entrance into the industry has changed the way rappers approach beats, even causing certain artists to mimic Migos’ style of rap.

Migos continues to defy the “15 minutes of fame,” stereotype first labeled onto the group and continues to debut chart-topping music every year. With “Culture,” Migos hopes to secure their position in the hip-hop industry, while promoting their culture to the fans.

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