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People Poll: What are you wearing this fall?


Hot Girl Summer is over ladies and gentlemen, fall has arrived. It is time to break out your hoodies, jean jackets, plaid pants, sweaters and, of course, your pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

This year’s fashion consists of lots of layering, overalls, animal prints, mellow relaxed fall colors, and camouflage.

Here are how a few VSU students feel about fall fashion:


Jayden Collier, freshman, Mass Media major

“I feel fall fashion is so color coordinated. Browns, oranges, yellows, and every fall color you can think of, plays such an important role in the clothes you wear. Scarfs, hats, shades, gloves all of it. I also think boots and long sweaters help too. Without that, what is fall fashion? I personally enjoy wearing turtlenecks, sweaters, and fall colors. I enjoy fall fashion more than anything and it overall”

Jordan Stewart, sophomore, Mass Media major

“Fall fashion is exciting because it allows for so many different options when it comes to clothing. Layering is essential for fall fashion when it comes to what I like to wear so it allows all different kinds of style choices. I like to layer long sleeves under short-sleeved tops so that the shirts for warmer weather can be worn when it’s chilly too. I think the key to fall fashion is comfort, layering and warmth as it gets colder.”

Jade Bliss, sophomore, Nursing major

“I really like fall fashion. Boots and sweaters are really all you need when it comes to fall fashion. I think my main statement outfit for the fall would be a really nice sweater, jeans, boots, and maybe a nice scarf.”


Cameron Jackson, freshman, Marketing major

“I feel like fall fashion brings out certain fits you can’t wear on a normal basis. It brings out people’s creativity letting them use layers and nice warm colors to set a certain mood. Some key basics to fashion consist on being comfortable in what you where along with a theme. Never mix themes; you can’t be a classy hobo. If you’re going to go bum, go bum. If you want to go classy, go classy.”

Written by Jasmin Small, Staff Writer. Photos Courtesy of  Jasmin Small. 

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