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Student Spotlight: Meet Dred Jones

Dred Jones is a freshman psychology major who has a dog named DaBaby.

He enjoys working out, exploring nature and meditating. Jones also wrestled for six years.

His favorite movie is “Into the Wild” and his favorite TV show is “Futurama”. Jones’s favorite song is “Chamber of Reflection” by Mac Demarco, and his favorite book is “The Glass Castle”.

Jones is outgoing and outspoken, but prefers solitude.

One person he admires is Conor McGregor.

“He is truly dedicated to his craft and is so inspiring to watch,” Jones said.

He enjoys learning about history and economics.

As a kid, Jones wanted to be a movie star. However, he now aspires to one day become a neuroscientist.

Written by Madeline Harper, staff reporter. Photos courtesy of Madeline Harper.

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