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Editorial: Homecoming could use a new spin

Homecoming is one of the many occasions where the campus can come out and show school pride while having fun. All across the country, universities welcome back alumni to show off what’s new on campus and to help them relive memories from their time in college. That is a fine tradition, is that all that Homecoming can be, or can ...

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Editorial: Loan company takes advantage of students

Sallie Mae Bank, As students of Valdosta State University, we feel like we were taken advantage of. While student debt crisis creeps up to $1.6 trillion, Sallie Mae executives were deciding whether they should lie along the beach or celebrate a record high of $5 billion in loans to 374,000 borrowers. So, the private loan company decided to do both, ...

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Editorial: The arts are underfunded and underappreciated

It’s time to stop overlooking an issue plaguing most of our colleges, high schools and even middle schools. That problem is the fact that the arts are underfunded and underappreciated. Think about it: when was the last time you saw an athlete sewing or making their own jersey, maintaining the court or field they play on, or hosting a game ...

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College textbooks are a whole scam

There is no reason for textbooks to be so expensive. Not an astute observation. Not an original observation. Rather, it is one uttered by every college student across every campus around the nation. “You know, it’s totally predatory what they’re doing,” we say to our friends as we wait in line and open our wallets, or even worse, type our ...

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Three takeaways from Blazers versus Panthers

There was Albany State. Then, there was Ohio Dominican. Both couldn’t stand a chance versus the Blazers. Ohio Dominican just happened to be the latest victim, losing 48-21 at the hands of the Blazers firework show. The Blazers amassed 587 toal yards through the air and 260 yards on the ground. Passing was the sentence, running was the exclamation point. ...

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Column: Colts’ Luck chose health over game

Andrew Luck, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, announced his retirement from the NFL on Aug. 24. Luck faced major backlash from fans in the days following his announcement. While Luck’s retirement one week before the season’s start came as a shock to the fan base, they seem to not see the bigger picture when it comes to the health of ...

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2019 Video Music Awards Review: Why Is This Still a Thing?

From the underwhelming red carpet looks to the lackluster music performances, this year’s MTV Video Music Awards adds to the narrative that the award show gets more and more mediocre every year. This year’s big event included a variety of celebrities in attendance including rising stars in music like Megan Thee Stallion, pop superstars like Taylor Swift, and industry legends ...

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Column: Through first five weeks, Blazers go unbeaten

No one ever said it was an issue to look into the future. Here, I decided to do as such and give my predictions for the first five weeks of the 2019-2020 season for the VSU Blazers football team. Where are my manners? I meant to say, the defending champions. Sept. 7 At Albany State: 34-7 This game, much like last season’s, ...

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Column: Respect comes in the offseason for the Blazers

It took a perfect 14-0 season, a couple shattered records and a frenzied national title victory for the VSU Blazers to garner respect. Well, it comes with the territory.  The Gulf South Conference football coaches recently unanimously selected the Blazers as the conference favorite in the 2019 preseason poll. The defending champs will return a full arsenal offensive weapons from ...

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The curious case of VSU and the governor’s office

Everyone talked but who listened. Students, community members, faculty and alumni talked. Dr. Carvajal, Dr. Miller and other administrators talked. But who was listening? On Monday, the office of Diversity and Inclusion and Student Government Association teamed to put together a forum for people to voice their opinions about the undergraduate commencement speaker, Gov. Brian Kemp. The forum felt more ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!