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Column: VSU graduation should be postponed, health should be priority

Each day the number grows. And, with each day, so does the pain. The coronavirus pandemic has infected around 220,000 people worldwide and has killed over 9,000. The confirmed death toll sits at 160 people in the U.S, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Only France, Spain, Iran, Italy and China have higher totals. For the billions of ...

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An unprecedented distruption: What campus closure could mean for students

In the wake of the coronavirus being spread to what has been deemed to be pandemic levels, hundreds of schools across the country have closed down for the remainder of the academic semester. VSU is one of the latest victims of such closure, with the University System of Georgia deciding that all of their institutions will switch to online instruction. ...

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Editorial: VSU needs a plan for the coronavirus

Recently, over a hundred colleges across the United States have closed their campuses and moved their classes online in hopes to avoid the spread of coronavirus on their campus. These colleges include Ohio State University, Arizona State University, and even Harvard University. Meanwhile, here at Valdosta State, professors have been discussing what may happen if they close the campus while ...

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Editorial: Mental health needs more spotlight at VSU

Mental health does not get enough light shined on it. Social media influencers post a picture of themselves in a face mask and call it “self-care” and advise people to take time for that “self-care.” People who suffer from depression and anxiety know that a face mask and candles are not what is going to make them feel like themselves ...

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People poll: What hot spots/stores need to come to Valdosta?

“I think we need a technology hub that students and young adults in the area can go to. It needs fast Wi-fi and multiple charging ports. Like the game area in the Student Union, but more accessible to Valdosta and open to the public. Having a centralized place would be beneficial to everyone in the community.” “I would like to ...

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The Failed Iowa Caucuses and the Future of Politics in the US

To say the Iowa caucuses of 2020 was a mess would be an understatement. Though the media and the political world has moved on to New Hampshire and beyond, the fact remains that Iowa was a total and unequivocal . From performing “quality control” to ensure accuracy of the results, the Democratic party could not have botched Iowa any worse. ...

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Baseball and cheating: America’s favorite pastime

Another year, another Major League Baseball scandal. Cheating continue to plague America’s pastime. Like clockwork, the league is quick to get ahead of the scandal, talking about preserving the “integrity of the game,” but is there still integrity in the game of baseball? For a sport that is so dependent on protecting its ideals of image and integrity, no sport ...

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Column: NFL has tainted process for hiring black coaches

I was driving back from Jacksonville a couple weeks ago, as I spent some time at the beach for my 21st birthday. Typically when I take road trips, I like to reflect. No music, no radio. Just thoughts. The drive was about a shade under two hours, considering the traffic that caught up with me at the Florida-Georgia line. I ...

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Editorial: Is diversity worth your voice?

Is diversity worth the cost of speech? In 2016, a national survey was conducted by Gallup, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Newseum Institute, with the main focus being college students. Its intent was to ascertain the current feelings of college students regarding the state of their rights and freedoms, specifically those upheld by the First ...

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Editorial: Getting VSU more involved

Campus involvement on Valdosta State’s campus has been on a downwards slope lately. Events have low attendance. People are reluctant to socialize with others. It’s now simply a tough crowd to impress at VSU in 2019. For a school that pitches how active the campus is by bringing prospective students to the university on its busiest days, this does not ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!