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VSU student found after disappearance

 The Lambda Beta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho will be hosting a Postpartum Depression Awareness Benefit and Forum on Dec.6, after the recent events of SGRO member Tijuana Maria Vasquez.   Vasquez, a junior art education major, went missing for about 24 hours in Cairo, Ga.and was found in the woods close to her home Friday morning. Cairo Police Department ...

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Faculty Senate approves prayer recommendation

  The Faculty Senate met Nov. 18, and approved a prayer recommendation by majority vote. The recommendation had been presented by the Minority and Diversity Issues Committee.   The senate eventually approved the initial recommendation that was presented in May.    The recommendation’s language said that the committee “recommends the campus community be mindful that public prayer at official VSU events ...

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Drag queens rock VSU

Samantha Foxx performs Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” Wednesday night as part of the sixth annual Drag Delight in the Ballroom of the Student Union.

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Four Loko banned

Four Loko, a popular drink among college students nation-wide, has been stirring up controversy at some universities and has been banned in five states.

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SGA prepares for spring semester

 The Student Government Association skipped its weekly meeting so its members time to prepare for final exams.   After what SGA President DeMario Jones considered a productive semester,  there are high hopes and plenty of ideas for next semester. One plan involves turning some reserved parking spots into student spaces on Oak Street. In efforts to create more convenient parking ...

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People Poll: Do you think energy drinks mixed with alcohol like Four Loko should be banned?

  Ashley King  sophomore nursing major   “Yes. Mixing Alcohol with energy drinks makes underage drinkers think it’s ok to drink.” Mack Clemons junior middle grades education major “I don’t think so because it limits the freedoms of American society.” Sasha Sanders sophomore  early childhood  education major “Yes, because it will give you an ‘energy drink high’ and then make ...

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Actions bring advances

 It gives me a full heart to see that no matter what the media or “fundamentalist” religious factions may say, the youth of America is becoming more accepting of homosexuality.   All you need to do is look around you.  In a state and town that is deep in the Bible Belt and has been, at times, infamous for its ...

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Film festival set for Saturday

 Lights, camera, action. That is what 14 VSU students have been saying throughout the entire semester, as they have been creating their own short films for the Film and Video society.  And now, on Saturday, Dec. 4, those 14 students will showcase their work during the Film Festival, which will be held at the Student Union Theatre.  Screenings of the ...

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Love has no price

 Every holiday season, people are so driven to find that “perfect gift” that they forget one simple principle: “Enjoy the little things,” as Columbus from the movie “Zombieland” puts it.   People should be a part of your life because of who you are, not because of what you can offer them. Honestly, if someone throws a fit because you ...

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Security scans bring safety

Last week, there were a lot of people making a big deal about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pat downs and the full body scanners that are now being used at airports across the nation.  Some people said it was invasive and that it broke the right of privacy for individuals that are traveling. Some said they felt violated. Others ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!