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Actions bring advances

 It gives me a full heart to see that no matter what the media or “fundamentalist” religious factions may say, the youth of America is becoming more accepting of homosexuality.
All you need to do is look around you.  In a state and town that is deep in the Bible Belt and has been, at times, infamous for its bigotry, we have a campus GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) that encourages people of all sexual orientations to work together, have had multiple Pride events for all who consider themselves of an “uncommon” sexual orientation, and a drag show in which people can celebrate the beauty of femininity presented by men.    It is wonderful to see that people are becoming more open to different walks of life, as doing so is the only way to survive in an ever changing world.

 In this country, it seems that the “powers that be” are always in need of a scapegoat. In the ‘50s it was Communists, or people suspected of communism that were assigned blame. In the’60s, bigoted people tried their hardest to keep African-Americans from gaining their civil rights. Today, along with illegal immigrants and people of Middle Eastern descent, homosexuals seem primary targets of hate. It is completely unjustified and just goes to show that no matter what advancements we make as a society, there will always be those who are stuck in the Dark Ages. It is up to us as a people to choose to concentrate on the advancements we make or the detriments in our way. In my eyes, we are making great advancements every day. The fact that a college in a southern town has all of the aforementioned gay-friendly institutes is inspirational, considering that the south is often associated with prejudice and backwards-thinking.

 The recent developments in national endeavors have inspired faith in humanity as well. It seems that very soon, the hateful military law “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” will be repealed, and the idea of gay marriage is argued for every single day by passionate supporters everywhere. The people arguing against gay marriage are now looked upon by most as the modern day’s answer to the people who protested against African-American rights in the ‘60s and the people who imprisoned Japanese-Americans in the era of World War II.

 In all hopefulness, a few years of development will lead to the integration of any group now considered by some to be unworthy of basic human rights. This would lead not only to the furtherment of our society, but an affirmation of our power as a nation and the reinstatement of the ideals that our nation was founded upon.

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