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People Poll: Do you think energy drinks mixed with alcohol like Four Loko should be banned?

Ashley King
nursing major
“Yes. Mixing Alcohol with energy drinks makes underage drinkers think it’s ok to drink.”

Mack Clemons
middle grades
education major

“I don’t think so because it limits the freedoms of American society.”

Sasha Sanders
 early childhood
 education major

“Yes, because it will give you an ‘energy drink high’ and then make you crash with bad side effects which are bad for your body.”

Gizem Akti
computer science major

“No. It’s not a big difference, like mixing with orange juice.” 

Aaron Howard
psychology major

“No. People just need to know what they can or can’t handle and drink responsibly.”

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  1. In Japan, the energy drink dates at least as far back as the early 1960s, with the release of the Lipovitan. Most such products in Japan bear little resemblance to soft drinks, and are sold instead in small brown glass medicine bottles or cans styled to resemble such containers. These “genki drinks”, which are also produced in Japan, are marketed primarily to the salaryman set.

  2. I think the mistake here is assuming that the reason these kids are being irresponsible or blackout drunk is because they have this drink. Plenty of binge drinking has been happening for an awful long time, this drink isn’t even the drink of choice as much as it’s a media darling.

    The notion that banning this particular drink will stop 18 year olds from getting blackout drunk is silly. Kids are stupid. I knew kids who huffed freon out of air conditioners when I was in high school. The fact that this stuff is brightly colored or cheap doesn’t make an 18 year old who’s looking to get trashed any more likely to be irresponsible. If this isn’t on the shelf, they’ll replace it with something else.

    All these media reports are doing is glamorizing this drink as the dangerous and exciting choice. It’ll extend the fad for a while and then it’ll die out, and college kids will move on to binge drinking something else. The idea that red bull and vodka is somehow luxurious and inaccessible to college students is baffling.

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