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SGA prepares for spring semester

 The Student Government Association skipped its weekly meeting so its members time to prepare for final exams.
After what SGA President DeMario Jones considered a productive semester,  there are high hopes and plenty of ideas for next semester.

One plan involves turning some reserved parking spots into student spaces on Oak Street.

In efforts to create more convenient parking for VSU’s growing student body,  Jones will propose next semester that a number of the reserved parking spaces be reduced to accommodate student needs.

 No new measures for building another parking deck are being entertained because according to Jones, there is no need for another deck.

 “There isn’t a parking issue here at VSU, it’s a convenience issue,” Jones said. “We have more than enough spots to accommodate students, but accessibility to good spots is limited. I will continue to work with parking services to reduce the number of reserved spots on Oak Street in and around the parking deck.”

 Jones also said that he would work with parking officials regarding student complaints about the bus system and their timeliness.

 “I think that creating closer parking spaces will help students out a lot because it will allow students to get to where they need to go even quicker,” Denis Stuckey, junior math major, said. “Looking for spaces at the top of the parking deck is crazy on most days and time consuming.”

 After a very productive summer and fall semesters, Jones and his senate look to continue evaluating and implementing things VSU students will need in order to make their lives easier.

 “Many veteran senators feel passionate about how students feel and will stand up for the greater majority of the student body,” Jones said.

 Other projects slated for next semester are cookouts sponsored by SGA and recruitment to get more students involved in SGA.

 “Getting students involved is a year round process,” Jones said.

 Personally, Jones wants to present to senators and administrators motions for a “Academic Forgiveness” program for students and also designated smoking and non smoking areas around campus.

 This past summer, Jones personally worked side by side with the Auxiliary Services, Sodexo and Student Health Center to implement a 24 hour dining option at Hopper Dining, weekend hours at the health center to decongest traffic throughout the week and blood drives that produced VSU’s first year in which we out-raised West Georgia in the last decade.
Thanks to the work of our senators mostly, SGA is working closely with many organizations and maintaining positive relationships to ensure that students benefit from ever thing we do,” said Jones.

 This past fall SGA collaborated in creating notable events such as a Thanksgiving dinner headed by Rachel Holly for students without meal plans to enjoy if they were still here the Monday before the holiday.

 “I hope students will be happy with the things SGA’s senators are doing and allowing them to do,” Jones said. “Rather than give me the credit, give it to your senators because they are the ones passing motions for you to enjoy. “

 SGA is an organization that goes beyond their duties for the students and hopefully more students will come out and participate because of all that we do.”

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