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Students attend anti-DUI lecture

 Some VSU students  listened to Chris Sandy’s story, a Georgian man convicted of two counts of vehicular homicide by DUI.
 Sandy explained how one mistake ended the rest of his life.
 On April 11, 2000, he was at a party and had four mixed drinks; a friend called him and told him to come to another party.
 He jumped in the car with his best male friend and began to drive to the next party except he never made it to the next party.   He began to drive really fast and reached the speed of 80 mph on a 35 mph road. He ran into a gold car and after that he realized he had made a horrible mistake. Sandy had run into the car of Nellie King and William King. He literally split their car into two pieces. Mrs. King died on impact and Mr. King died at the hospital hours later.   He was charged two months later and eventually received two sentences of 15 years for each death.
 He was offered a plea bargain which said that he would have to serve 13 years in prison and he could do the rest of the 17 years on probation. He took the bargain but only ended up serving seven years for good behavior.�
 “I had eight years to think about my life while I was in jail. 3,066 days. Just because I am out of jail does not mean my life is better. I can’t vote, go anywhere without reporting to my parole officer, and I have no independence,” Sandy said.
 Many of VSU students were moved by Sandy’s words.
 “I thought everything he said was great and I think it’s awesome that he is sharing his story with everyone,” said Jakira Jackson, sophomore, criminal justice major.
 “He had a powerful message and everything he said hit home. I think it was cool that they brought this to VSU,” said Keondra Jackson, sophomore, Biology Major.

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