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Buffalo Wild Wings stampedes in

This week the Tasters went to the brand-spanking-new Buffalo Wild Wings, just outside the mall parking lot on Baytree Road. We’ve really been anticipating this one.
 First thing we have to say is the atmosphere was definitely the restaurant’s best feature. They had an arcade in back, more TVs than we could count, trivia games you could play on the TVs, and a shop where you could buy their sauces. The music was a little loud but the experience was still pleasant. It would be a fun place to hang out on a Friday night, especially if there was a game on.
 On the polar end, the service was nothing to rave about. They had an overabundance of workers, but only a few of them seemed to want to do anything. Even though there were three hostesses, we had to stand there for a bit to get their attention. Plus, our server left in the middle of our lunch and we had to switch to another one.
 The price was what you could expect from a sports bar: a little above average, but nothing that’s going to break your budget. You’re going to spend about $10-11 dollars for a meal.
 Ashley had the boneless wings with the honey barbecue sauce and was pretty impressed. This restaurant definitely has the best wings in town. They weren’t the best wings she’d ever had, but they are probably the best wings you are going to find in Valdosta. For 12 wings and a Coke Ashley paid about $8.
 Michael ordered the honey barbecue bacon burger with a side of fries and a sweet tea. While the tea was lacking in both flavor and ice, the burger was exceptionally flavorful. The fries were well-cooked and stringy, a great complement to a big juicy burger. The toppings for the burger were plentiful and really made it a worthwhile meal; really, who doesn’t love bacon, honey BBQ, and beef?
 Overall the meal was great and made the earlier service problems worth the mild suffering. The new Buffalo Wild Wings is a great restaurant with great atmosphere, a lot of TVs, and well-made food.�
 For good food, great atmosphere, but abysmal service, we are going to give Buffalo Wild Wings a four out of five.

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