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Feature: Omnino sets students up for success

For many students working in fields requiring extensive research, one of the best ways to gain opportunities is through having your work published. From chemistry to criminal justice, recognition through published and printed research can look great on a resume. 

That’s where Omnino comes in. 

Omnino is VSU’s peer-reviewed journal, where students can submit their work to be cross-referenced and edited before having the chance to be published in the edition of the year. Omnino lives up to its name–”omnino” means “all together” in Latin–by bringing students of all types together through their studies. 

Leigh Ann Overlaur is a senior English major who has seen both sides of Omnino; she was published in the 13th edition last year and is now serving as an editor for the 14th edition. 

Her experience with Omnino started with her publication; she submitted an article that was included in last year’s volume. 

“My article, entitled “Seduction’s Influence on Fallen Women: Analyzing Victorian Literature’s Perception of Patriarchal Theory,” is about how an author’s gender, especially when examining nineteenth-century literature, can impact how ‘scandalous’ women are portrayed in fiction,” Overlaur said.  “After studying four novels–three male authors and one female author–I conclude that literature can alter the perspective of society and the patriarchy through the use of the quintessential ‘fallen women.'” 

Having been both a published author and a staff member for Omnino, she discussed the overall experience. 

“My experience with Omnino, both as a submitter and student editor, has been very positive,” Overlaur said. “The process is easy to follow and informative, with the students’ success always as the main purpose. I appreciate how a submitter is always notified about the faculty reviewer’s comments, no matter the decision on the article. I think it’s important to have this feedback to be able to become a stronger, more practiced author and researcher.” 

Dr. Anne Greenfield is the faculty advisor for the publication and has been since the third edition, making her time with Omnino just over a decade’s worth of experience. She’s worked with a myriad of subjects in her time with Omnino and has overseen dozens, if not hundreds, of student articles through the editing process. 

“I oversee the editing and production of Omnino from start to finish each year,” Dr. Greenfield said. “My course, ENGL 4500, teaches students how to produce a high-quality, peer-reviewed academic journal; and we produce Omnino in the process. Well over a hundred students at VSU have gained experience as Omnino student editors, managing editors, and graphic designers over the years. And at least as many have had their writing published in the pages of Omnino as authors of research articles.” 

According to Dr. Greenfield, the class is not only meant as a way for student to experience the editorial process, which can improve their skill sets in multiple ways. 

“On the practical end, students solicit and evaluate submissions, seek out appropriate peer reviewers, correspond with authors, weigh in on editorial decisions, and edit articles,” Dr. Greenfield said. “On the theoretical end, students research cutting-edge issues on topics such as peer review, open access, digitalization, and the role of publishing in academia.” 

In her time with Omnino she has seen dozens of students succeed in their respective fields. 

According to Dr. Greenfield, many of these students have cited Omnino as a helpful tool to further their careers. 

“Getting published in Omnino is a big deal,” Dr. Greenfield said. “Each article published in Omnino is vetted through a peer-review process by faculty experts at VSU. Our published authors have found that being published in an academic, peer-reviewed journal has meant, not only sharing their research with a wider academic audience but also, a real boon to their resumes and graduate school applications.” 

According to Overlaur, she’s also had more opportunities due to her participation. 

“I believe that it played a role in my acceptance to graduate school and winning awards within the university,” Overlaur said. “As a student, I think it’s so important to utilize VSU having an undergraduate research journal to give them a leg up in their future endeavors, whether that be graduate school or the workforce.” 

Written by Bailey Wilson, Campus Life Editor. Photos Courtesy of VSU.

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