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‘2012’ movie fell flat in many facets

The idea of the world ending in 2012 is mind-blowing until I saw the movie “2012,” which left me only wanting the movie to end.
I went to the movie already disheartened when I realized the disaster movie was 2 hours and 38 minutes long and the commercials seemed like déjà vu of another movie.  Does anyone remember “The Day After Tomorrow”?
Now with Hollywood’s recent obsession with overextended movies, I expect to either be amazed by the CGI or sucked in by some great acting.  Sadly, I wasted a chunk of my Sunday afternoon underwhelmed by the elements on the big screen.
John Cusack plays some washed-up author, who is divorced from the mother of his two children, Amanda Peet.  Of course, she is remarried to a more successful plastic surgeon.  As the movie’s hero, Cusack tries to save his family from suffering the fate of the rest of the doomed world.
As I tried to look past the clichéd family storyline, the main plot line only reminds me of something out of the “Left Behind” series as well as “The Day After Tomorrow”.
Scientists discover that the world is practically coming to an end.  The discovery is compared to the Apocalypse.  However, the government does not act quickly enough or in favor of the American people.  The movie then goes from survival of the fittest to survival of the richest.
As I watched the world crumble, burn, and drown before my eyes, I was somewhat horrified to think that this is how the world will go and how soon.  But my horror was soon replaced by disappointment and smart remarks between Matt Williams, my movie companion, and myself.
I hate to be a cliché by talking through the movie, but with such ridiculous scenes dominating the majority of the movie, Matt and I felt the need to comment quite often.
The first escape scene involving Cusack driving a limo through a crumbling city was worthy of a crappy movie simulator ride at Disney World.  With Sony Pictures Entertainment spending almost $260 million on this film, one would expect to see a movie filled with scenes that actually looked like the world was falling apart.
Often this movie failed to capture realism in a plotline that may one day be part of real life.
Overall, I give the movie 1 ½ stars.  The movie was too long, the CGI needed serious work, and in the light of the “Transformers” movies, the concept of alien robots seems more realistic than those poorly planned out scenes in “2012.”

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