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News from the 70’s Spectator Style

1970- Students question the SGA: “Poor Leadership Causes Ineffectiveness of SGA”

1970- Students boycott the food in the College Cafeteria

1970- Patterson Hall is built

1970- The tennis courts next to the PE Complex are built

1970- VSC establishes a “no-curfew” system in two doors

1970- Langdale Hall is considered the finest on-campus residence; off campus there is
“The Crazy House”

1970-1979- Protesting is a fad: “5,000 march on Georgia state capitol” . . .
“Students protest hunger, poverty, and ignorance right here” . . .
“Students protest recruiting: petition is best course” . . . “FBI warns against violent protests”

1971- The first co-ed dorm is established

1971- What we consider the “old” half of Odum Library is built

1971- Nevins is expanded

1971- The FCC approves the VSC Radio Station

1972- VSC’s team name changes from the Rebels to the Blazers when they join the
NCAA Small College Division, where VSC has multiple wins against UGA and FSU

1972- SGA takes student suggestions: “SGA initiates bitch board”

1975- Registering for the classes you want seems impossible: “You don’t always get
what you want but what you need”

1976- Library material theft becomes a major problem

1977- The College Cafeteria adds a non-smoking section; smoking starts to get a bad rap;�
“Government surveys show negative attitude towards smoking” . . . “Smoking a dying habit”

1977- VSC-TV is established

1977- Hopper fire alarms malfunction

1978- Converse Hall is transformed from offices and classrooms to apartment-style housing

1978- “Marijuana fields sprayed with poison”

1978- The yearbook is traded in for The Spectrum magazine

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