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Oil crisis, war, crooked politicians-1970 or 2010?

     Dudes, you know I hate to say I told you so, but I knew we were in for a rough ride after Hendrix bought the farm years ago. It’s as if the protective shroud of purple haze has lifted and gave the man room to crash the party.
   Seriously, what a buzzkill.
   Numero uno of what’s wrong with the world today has got to be the fattest cat himself: Mr. Richard “I’m not a Crook” Nixon.
   The chump had the nerve to get caught cheating, only to cut and run before the hammer fell. What cheeses me is that, despite all those laws he broke and paranoia he caused, Nixon still got a presidential pardon. Are you for real? What do I have to do to get a free ride like that? Dress up like a dork and lie to people? Shoot, I hope Ford will be that generous with me if the government ever found out I was skipping out on my taxes.
   …Not that I am, mind you. Though, hypothetically, who could blame me when gas costs 16 cents per gallon? This whole oil crisis deal is out of control and they say it’s only going to get worse. Can you imagine paying 60 cents for a gallon of gas? I might as well just live in my van outside the office, because Jimi knows I won’t be able to afford cruising around if gas goes up any higher.
     Of course, this is all nothing compared to what’s going on overseas. It’s no secret that our major beef is with the war over in Vietnam. Honestly, I still don’t get why we’re even over there. The government tells me it’s to fight communism and protect democracy, but I don’t buy it for a second. Why should we be concerned about the Vietnamese and their little “Communist party”? Different strokes for different folks, that’s what I say. As long as they do it way over there it’s not something worth getting people killed over. To quote John Lennon: give peace a chance!
     If there has been any good to come out of all this chaos, it has got to be what I see in the streets. People gathering together with signs and music to protest against the capitalist machine and all its wrong doings. It may have taken a lot of work, but the voice of the people has definitely caught the attention of Capitol Hill.
     There’s a new addition to our checks -and balance-balances system, and it’s the people. As long as we stand firm in our beliefs and make our voices heard, there’s no telling what this country can’t do. So keep at it America, because there’s no telling what would happen if we just leave the politicians and the corporations to have their fun in Washington.
    Can you dig it?

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